Common misunderstandings of Software Developers

Software development is a complicated subject. There are many things we have to learn almost every day and it is important to understand these concepts thoroughly. Half baked understanding can lead to misunderstandings and this article lists some of the common misunderstandings of the software developers. Following are some of the good things that software developers are supposed to follow, […]

Integration tests vs Unit tests

There are various types of testing which happens in the software development process. Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing etc. Some use TDD, write the test cases first and then code and some write the test cases after code is done. Both the approaches have their advantage, though I am more favoured towards TDD as it ensures that you are […]

Why Interfaces are recommend by Spring?

Spring framework has become the central part of every Java based micro-service application. Spring beans work with concrete classes and with interfaces as well, then why interfaces are recommended by Spring framework? Introduction Spring framework allows you to inject the beans by Interface as well as the Concrete classes. Consider following code, Now, in your client code you can use […]

What is dependency injection?

What is dependency injection? This is the first question which comes to the mind of many when they start learning Spring/Seam/Struts framework. Introduction Dependency injection is a programming paradigm where programmer do not write code to create the dependency instance, instead instance is created by an external framework. Connecting or “injecting” this dependency into appropriate places is Dependency Injection. There […]

Open Feign in Action

This is second part (Open Feign in Action) of the Open Feign tutorial series. You can find the first part of this tutorial here. Overview In this tutorial we will see Open Feign in Action. In last tutorial we saw how Feign makes it easy to write REST clients, in this tutorial I will show how to use Feign with […]